Testimonials from those who are already using the HMG Fly Systems Kit

and fishing flies tied using the HMG Fly Systems process.

   I was very interested in trying out Hot Melt Glue as a new tying material after seeing the flies from HMG Fly Systems. After receiving the HMG kit from a giveaway I won, I sat down and watched a few of the videos that came with it before giving it a try myself. The videos are well made, very clear and easy to see the technique. After playing with it for a few nights I realized I was hooked and it definitely found a permanent spot on my fly tying desk. I've attached a picture of one of my latest attempts. It may not be as perfect as some of HMG Fly's but I can tell with some practice I will get the technique down.

    Luke McCoy


   On The Vise

May 29, 2014

Hello Joe –


Wanted to drop you a short line about the midge my son did so well on at Dry Run Creek as well as in the Norfork River.  We are calling it a Miracle Midge but it’s really not a new fly.  Fishing short casts with less than perfect mends, we need a fly that gets down FAST.  These fish see a ton of eggs and PTs and Prince’s and Copper John’s but they seem to get less conditioned to a smaller midge type profile.  This fly is dead simple to tie, sinks like a stone, and the high quality hook holds up to BIG fish. 


                Liam’s Miracle Midge

                Hook:  TMC 2499SPBL Size 12 – 18

                Bead:  Rainbow Plummeting Tungsten Bead  - one size up from ‘normal’ to help with sink rate

                Abdomen:  Mirage Holo Tinsel or Pearl Flashabou

                Rib:  UTC wire in Red, Black, or Blue – size of your choice

                Thorax:  Peacock Black Ice Dub

                SECRET INGREDIENT:  hot melt glue over abdomen

                Instructions:  keep the abdomen and profile very thin and sleek so that it is both realistic and fast sinking


Take us less than two minutes to tie and is bomb proof.  Anyway, the fly was MONEY – did exactly what I had hoped.  It gets down FAST and they do not refuse a good drift.  Liam caught several fish on it every day and it accounted for four of our top five fish of the trip.  And I think it’s important to note that it worked as well or better out in the big river than it did in Dry Run. 


I honestly can’t believe this stuff has not caught on and taken off yet.  Everyone I have shown the HMG system has had a ‘why didn’t I think of that?” moment.   This is no gimmick – the flies are easy to tie, fast to tie, durable, and extremely realistic (as proven by the fish).  Why wouldn’t you tie HMG flies?


I have used the HMG midges, sow bugs and scuds to frequently fool very educated trout on Montana's Depuy Spring Creek with tremendous success. These trout get fished every day and are extremely hard to fool but the realistic hot melt flies do the trick. I have also used them on the Missouri River where a single midge or scud will hold up to being eaten by large trout all day long! Fun to tie and getting Nicklo's HMG hot melt kit is a must.


  I've been producing flies with the HMG Fly System for several years. Although I enjoy time at the bench, when I'm preparing for trip, this system allows me to turn out a large volume of fantastic looking flies in short time. I can knock out dozen of some patterns in about 10 minutes, including set up. I've used this system to produce both fresh and saltwater patterns, from midges (size 30 and up), nymphs, & streamers, to baitfish, crabs, and shrimp; some that just resemble a food source, as well as those that are more life-like.


    These kits are extremely portable, even if I leave my traditional materials at home, I always travel with an HMG Fly Systems kit in a quart size freezer bag along with an assortment of hooks, a few feathers and synthetics.


    These flies are extremely durable, but the most important feature is that these flies really produce on the water. I've had a 30+ fish day on the Norfork on a single HMG Midge Mini, and on the same trip a similar fish count on an HMG Buzzer. Even if the flies wear down, many can be easily reconstructed in just a few minutes at the hotel room after a day on the river.


    If you've ever been torn off repeatedly under the bridge on the Taylor or chased browns around the rocks and corners on the Dream, it's nice to know that before you call it a night, you can crank out a couple dozen HMG Mysis, Midge Pupae, JuJuBees, or Super Midges for the next day.



I have used the HMG System for several years now and it seems my favorite HMG Fly seems to change as there is always a new HMG Fly to try. HMG Fly's catch fish, are easy to tie and certainly simplify your material requirements. My favorites are the HMG Sow Bug, Scud, Glitter Midge, and Green Ass. On my last trip to the White River, it was the new Mini Midge, which may be the best fish catcher yet.



    The best use of the HMG system I have found is for sizes 16 and smaller. Small flies using this system are easier to tie than with conventional thread.    They take less time and in many cases are more realistic than conventional flies i.e. Sow Bugs.  


I really enjoy tying hot glue flies.  The greatest part is the creativity you can use in creating your own patterns. Once I tied a number of the established patterns  and became familiar with the materials and techniques I started creating my own patterns.  The flies are extremely durable as I have caught over 30 Bass on one fly and it still looks as good as when I created it.  


    "I have been making and using Joe Nicklo's hot melt flies for 3 years. They are faster and easier to construct than traditionally tied flies. I have caught lots of trout on the midge, sow bug and scud patterns--particularly the midge pattern. What I like about these flies is they project a translucent effect over wire ribbing when using the clear hot melt glue over the wire and hook. Further, flies done without wire ribbing can be ribbed on the surface of the hardening glue very easily. Mr. Nicklo will explain the "how-to's" in his kit. Make a place for these flies in your fly box."


I was pleasantly surprised how easy it is to learn and use the HMG Systems. In a short time, I was creating some of the patterns illustrated in the HMG Fly Systems Kit and in no time creating some of my own patterns. Flies tied using the HMG process catch fish!


If someone is going to fish the White River and doesn't have your HMG Green Ass fly in their fly box; then they will have the self induced Red Ass at themselves.  That fly will catch trout on the White!


Just a short note on the kit and the instructional video.  I ordered the kit initially because I was curious and because I had heard so much buzz from guides and anglers I trust about your HMG Sowbug and its effectiveness on the White, Norfork and Little Red Rivers.   Now that I have the kit and watched the video I realize this isn’t just a new pattern or set of patterns – it is a totally new way to tie flies.  It really is an HMG System.


    Not only do the flies look spot on realistic – both in the vice and in the water – but this is a very neat, clean and efficient  way to produce flies.  No tools, measuring, or mixing like epoxy  - and no waste you can’t use like with epoxy.  No light required to cure and no need for a nail polish overcoat to be tack free.  And the glue is much cheaper than any other product and easy to find.  Plus, you won’t ever open your tying kit to find it has spilled everywhere.  It really is a better mousetrap.     


    I couldn’t figure out how you were applying the glue, but now that I see the tools that come with the kit and your application method in action I realize this stuff really can replace epoxy and UV curing products forever.  I especially like the threadless ties for midges…brilliant stuff.   I’m going to do some heavy experimentation and development…I’ll keep you posted on my results.  Thanks for a great product and the fast friendly service.  I’d recommend this system to anyone who is passionate about tying better and more productive flies.


    William Falconer

    Falconer Custom Rods

    Vestavia, AL

Fly of the Month

    By Mike Ott

    HMG Scud

I’m a sucker for anything new in fly tying. I wander through fly shops and craft stores looking for the next ingenious wonder-bug material. At this past Sow Bug Roundup, I sat down with Joe Nicklo to watch him tying his with his HMG System. So what’s so special about yet another scud pattern? The shell back is hot melt glue.



If you’ve ever turned over rocks or attended a Stream Team macro-invertebrate count, you know scuds are translucent in the water – translucent tan, olive, or gray. Once applied to the back of the fly, HMG is translucent in water so that you see the translucent body, a colored center, and filament legs. Now that’s a good looking scud! I liked it so much, I bought the kit. They even stocked Nicklo’s HMG Scuds at Feather-Craft this year.

You can read more by Mike Ott at OzarkFlyFishers.org

Caught this rainbow and four of its brothers (or sisters)

of similare size on the Green Ass and Soft Hackle HMG

flies in the Homestead Pond at the High Lonesome Ranch

near DeBeque Colorado this past week. They were irresistible.


Thanks for sharing! I’m getting more of an opportunity to give the system a try and I’m really enjoying it…here’s my first crack at the ant…a little heavy on the glue and I didn’t clean my tip well enough, but I’m pleased.


kyle andes - creator

hammer creek fly fishing

Liam accepting an award for his Norfork River 27-inch brown trout.

William Falconer

Falconer Custom Rods

Liam with one of his rainbow trout.

June 24, 2014

Hi Joe my name is Joe Castaneda we met at the expo. I bought your fly systems and today I tried it out. I remember you said it will take a little practice to get it down. This is my first attempt on an ant. Legs  a little hot on iron gun. But it look ok for the first one. I would like to thank you for showing me what you can do with hot glue. Hope to see your next newsletter.


Joe R Castaneda.

October 13, 2014

These are not very impressive as hmg flies go, but they do catch tiger fish. The HMG is used to make the body of the fly. It is applied over lead wire to give the fly some weight.  The use of HMG on the hook shank gives much more durability, than a thread wrap would.

Jim H

September 13, 2014


In my opinion, you have come up with an improved way to tie patterns in the 'Realistic' style, that is less time consuming, less expensive and takes less skill than existing methods.  A material that can be used in multiple patterns, spanning the different fly categories, and accomplishes that, is rare.

Chris Jackson

White & Norfork River Guide


Wow!  That’s the kind of quick customer service I really appreciate.  I’ll be reaching out to you with other questions as I continue to learn the process.  Here’s some pics of a Brown I caught last week on the South Platte with the “Buzzer” I created (I don’t think tied is the right word J) with the kit.  In the close up you can see the Buzzer in his mouth. I caught a 19” Rainbow the week before with the same pattern on the Arkansas tail-water in Pueblo.


Thanks for the quick reply. 




After a very slow season due to record high water the South Platte is in great shape. I fished a size 20 HMG trout crack under a big ugly stimulator yesterday morning and caught two very nice bows and a bunch of 14-16" browns. If they missed the stimmie they devoured the HMG trout crack. Tricos were pouring off the river in clouds. It was a fun morning. Then last evening I fished a small pond with the same set up. I caught a big bow over 3# and a herd of brookies on the HMG trout crack. I'll be glueing up a bunch of HMG trout crack this week.

Gary Gregory

August 10, 2015

HMG Scud tied by Joe Nicklo, nails an

20" Bow yesterday on the North Fork River.  

Chris Jackson

   Arkansas Fly Fishing Guide

Managing Director

IFFF Southern Council

205 River Valley Trail

Norfork, AR 72658

 It was this exact fly that made me finally try the HMG Fly Systems about 5 years ago. All I can say is that I'm glad I did. I have chased a lot of new patterns and techniques...and I have really enjoyed the process. But point blank they don't all work. Some things impress other tiers and look great in the vise but don't pass muster with the trout. These HMG flies WORK. Every single fish over 20" that I have caught (or better yet my son has caught) on a scud, sowbug or midge in the last 3 years has been on an HMG fly. Thanks Joe - so glad I tried it!‬


June 16, 2016

 These are some midges and pupa been playing w size 20 -26 !

Kirk Gless

Enter Text

Joe, I have been working on a crayfish pattern for the Norfork River here in Arkansas. Thought you’d like to see the end result using the HMG hot melt glue as the back.

Chris Jackson

Arkansas, Guide

Director IFFF Southern Council