Whenever I find stress in life,

I know I can find comfort at my vise!

I'm Joe Nicklo. I grew up in a small coal mining town in Pennsylvania where I was fortunate to have an older gentleman neighbor who took me under his wing, purchased my first fly tying vise and spent numerous hours instructing me on the fine points of fly fishing, fly tying, rod wrapping and rod repair. I am 77 now, 66 years have past since I tied the first over-hand knot on a hook. I can honestly say there is no standard I could use to measure the amount of pleasure fly fishing and fly tying have brought to my life. Whenever I find stress in life, I know I can find comfort at my vise!

I have been fortunate to live in some rather wonderful, scenic places, like Colorado, Montana, Utah and Texas. And, my under water photography hobby has taken me to many beautiful places around the world.

While living in Colorado, I obtained an under graduate degree at Colorado State College and a masters degree at Colorado State University. I  had my first experience in retail ownership when Dan Byford and I opened the Dan Byford Fly Shop in Steamboat Springs, Colorado. Dan invented the still famous Zonker fly while our fly shop struggled with the poor economy. My creative interest in fly tying continues as a fly designer for the Rainy Fly and Supply Company (www.rainysflies.com)

Now retired,  most of my time is dedicated to the pursuit of my many interests, fly fishing, fly tying, rod building scuba diving and skiing. I teach both beginner and advanced rod building classes. I am a member of and actively participate in the Texas Fly Fishers, a 250 member club here in Houston, Texas. I conduct HMG Fly Systems demonstrations and instructions at various functions including the annual Sow Bug Round Up in Arkansas (http://www.northarkansasflyfisher.org/sowbug_roundup.html)  and the International Federation of Fly Fishers (http://www.fedflyfishers.org).